Instagram Apps

An Instagrammer’s Best Friends

I joined Instagram rather late, resisting it as a platform for the frivolous, selfie obsessed millennials. But once on board, I found myself instantly addicted to the endless stream of beautiful, inspiring photos on my[…]


The Sweet Journey of Android

Hanging around on Twitter last night, I caught the official announcement that the latest version of Android, to be released in August or September this year, will officially be known as Android Nougat. I remember when I[…]


Serious Gaming en classe de FLE

Une vingtaine d’enseignants provenant des Alliances françaises (Inde-Nepal) scotchés aux consoles PS4, malgré le beau paysage balnéaire de Goa. « Que se passe-t-il ? » demandez-vous… La première formation #SeriousGames organisée à l’Alliance française de Goa. Animée par Alexis HASSLER,[…]

SocialMedia Woman

Social Media: My Favourite Tools

A social media consultant since several years now, I’ve seen the requirements for this position change much over the last few years. From being a purely text based content creation job, it has evolved into[…]


Social Media and Education

Educational technology goes beyond the simple use of computers and projectors in class to include social media. We live in a world where social media dominates our lives, so it’s only natural for it to[…]